Host Latahra Smith Carnes of KC Freedom Project first talks with Directors of the support group called What About Us.  This is a support group for wives and significant others of exonerees.  Coming home from prison after decades of wrongful incarceration is not easy and the complex trauma that exonerees have endured doesn’t end with release. There are many challenges when adjusting to life outside prison, including financial stress, difficulty finding housing and employment and social stigma. What About Us meets to provide support to life partners of exonerees.

Then Latarha will speak with Obie Anthony, Founder and Executive Director of Exonerated Nation.  They will speak on the subject of therapy and explain what Exonerated Nation has to offer about therapeutic services for exonerees.


California incarcerated Obie Anthony 17 years for a murder he did not commit. After his exoneration in 2011, Obie had to learn how to build a new life outside of prison. He struggled with employment, PTSD and reestablishing relationships with his family. In 2015 he founded Exonerated Nation to help make sure other exonerees didn’t have to face these challenges alone. Exonerated Nation is non-profit based in Oakland that serves California exonerees. Intend to expand services to reach exonerees across the nation.

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