What’s Up with Water?

On today’s show, our guest is Elaine Giessel, a Marine Ecologist by training, has taught biology, geology, microbiology and environmental science at community colleges in both Kansas and Texas. She is a seasonal Park Naturalist at Ernie Miller Park in Olathe.  She is currently Conservation Chair of the local Kanza Group of the Sierra Club Kansas Chapter. Nationally, she is working on marine and water issues and environmental justice.  Elaine will discuss the EPA’s notices concerning the Waters of the United States Act (WOTUS) and EPA notices regarding the hazardous per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). EPA will be holding public hearings on the proposed change to WOTUS on February 27 at 4 PM and 28th 9 AM at the Jack Reardon Convention CTR in Kansas City KS.