When ‘Pick One” is Not an Option: Building Interfaith Families

This week, author Susan Katz Miller explores the possibilities, benefits, and challenges of interfaith marriages. Miller is the author of two books about interfaith families, including Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family, and The Interfaith Family Journal, a kind of workbook for couples. Throughout the episode, we hear from listeners who describe their own interfaith family experiences.

Defending Your Choice
Susan Katz Miller shares her own interfaith background, both as a child of an interfaith marriage and a partner in a two-religion family with children. There is no one “right” way to be an interfaith family, she says, and no matter what path an interfaith couple chooses, they will “have to defend your choice.”

What Shall We Do With the Children?
For her book on interfaith families, Susan Katz Miller interviewed a number of teenagers raised with more than one religion. She shares what those interviews revealed and describes the growth of “interfaith Sunday schools” around the country.

“Mom, Dad, I’m a . . . .”
Sometimes, it’s the children who introduce a new or second (or third) religion to the family when they start exploring their options. Susan Katz Miller discusses best practices for parents whose children choose a different faith path than their own.

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