Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America; and The Escalating Crisis in Ukraine Poses an Imminent Threat to World Peace

Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America

Americans have very little understanding of their own history and the Right wants to make sure they never will. Laws are now being passed in a number of states forbidding educators from presenting an accurate portrayal of the racist past of the United States. Critical Race Theory, which is nothing more than a truthful accounting of U.S. history, is under attack.

The documentary, Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America, has just been released in New York City and Los Angeles and will soon be available at theaters around the country. It has been featured at several film festivals and won many awards.

This film is an important contribution to U.S. history. People will be enlightened about their roots. They will gain a deeper understanding of what was done to them and how they survived. Who We Are arms us with knowledge which is crucial for human progress because it informs and encourages struggle.

When people understand their own history, they are empowered. That is what accounts for the tremendous popularity of Howard Zinns book, A Peoples History of United States. Who We Are interweaves lectures, personal anecdotes, interviews, and shocking revelations. Like the Zinn book, it is also empowering.

Guest ” Attorney Jeffery Robinson, is the central figure, writer, and narrator of Who We Are. Jeffery Robinson was a criminal defense lawyer in Seattle for decades before becoming a Deputy Legal Director at the ACLU National Office in New York. In 2021, he left the ACLU, completed the documentary, and launched The Who We Are Project to widely disseminate the true history of African-Americans and anti-Black racism in the United States.

As Jeffery Robinson observes, his documentary was made with the goal which was underscored by George Orwell, that Those who control the present control the past, those who control the past control the future. We talk with Jeffery about the movie and his collaboration with directors Sarah Kunstler and Emily Kunstler. They previously made the widely-acclaimed documentary about their father, the great civil rights attorney William Kunstler. That film is called William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe.


The Escalating Crisis in Ukraine Poses an Imminent Threat to World Peace

By way of introducing our discussion on the escalating crisis in Ukraine, and the imminent threat to world peace that it poses, I can think of no better way to do so than to read the short, opening two paragraphs of the January 2nd statement on the crisis issued by

The U.S. Peace Council. It reads, in part, as follows: For weeks, the US corporate media have been shrill in declaring that Russia, having positioned tens of thousands of Russian troops on the border, may be about to invade Ukraine. US State Department spokesmen have been threatening Russia with punishing economic sanctions if there is an invasion. And a bit later it goes on to say: The cold war with Russia, festering since 2014 and the US backed coup in Ukraine, may be potentially even more menacing than the new cold war with China. If the armed standoff between the Ukrainian military and the Russian supported separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, becomes”by miscalculation or design”a conventional war between Russia and NATO, it could escalate into nuclear war.

This week the two sides have been meeting to see if a peaceful resolution can be found. But this Thursday morning, as our show is being recorded, both Russia and the US announced the talks were at an impasse. What is causing this impasse? What are Russias key demands and what are those of the United States. And what is the likelihood of war breaking out?

Well, I can think of no one any better to discuss this topic with than our guest today, who is one of the authors of the US Peace Councils statement.

Guest ” Joseph Jamison is a long-time peace activist and a member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Peace Council. He is also the Coordinator of the Peace Councils Move the Money to Human Needs Campaign, and very active in his local Move the Money Campaign in New York City.

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