Why Isn’t the Metro Being Fully Funded?

More importantly, the city is knowingly making a choice not to fully fund the Metro. I

The issue is about the new budget the city manager just released. He is short changing the METRO by not adhering to an ordinance passed in 2010. At the bottom are links to previous articles this year and in 2010, the budget page for the 1/2 cent transportation tax which is the problem for the METRO and a copy of the ordinance. You can skip the link to the full 500 page budget unless you are just interested. There isn’t a problem with the 3/8 cent transit tax that voters passed.

The METRO is only getting 70% of the money and they should be getting closer to 88%. The share the METRO is getting has gone down from 74% (where it started in 2010) to 70%, but the city manager was instructed to incrementally increase the METRO share to 95% by May 2014.
In addition, KCATA is subsidizing the current level of transit from it’s emergency reserve fund because the city isn’t paying for all the service it is getting. This needs to be corrected.
Janet Rogers will be asking people to contact their city council member and the mayor’s office to fix the budget by restoring the funding to KCATA, as the ordinance requires, before they adopt it in May.



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