Wikileaker+Obama+Congress+more LGBT news(#1301)

The possible consequences for Bradley Manning’s truth; “evolutionary” President Barack Obama’s Prop 8 Supreme Court brief embraces equality; an inclusive Violence Against Women Act finally clears the U.S. Congress; a marriage equality proposal flops in Finland and it’s 3 “civil partnership” tries and you’re out in Poland, but bills advancing marriage rites progress in the U.K. and New Zealand, Canada’s Supreme Court finds an anti-gay street preacher guilty of hate speech… and more LGBT news from around the world.

Arizona Democratic US Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, Rape Abuse Incest National Network founder Scott Berkowitz, and Wisconsin Democratic US Congresswoman Gwen Moore; US President Barack Obama; journalist Kevin Gosztola.

Hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle. “NewsWrap” reporters: Pamela Brooks & Michael LeBeau; producer: Steve Pride. Correspondents: Alice Ollstein & Dorian Merina of “Free Speech Radio News”. Theme Music: Kim Wilson. Additional content: Kate Clinton; Michael Emerson.

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