Wikimania: August 11-14

The Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organization of Wikipedia and other projects, hosts an annual international conference called “Wikimania“. This year’s Wikimania will be online with 25 local events, two in the US (Pittsburgh and New York City), two in South America, seven in Europe, six in Asia, and nine in Africa.  For information on this year’s conference, search for ““. From there, click on “Program” and then “Schedule” to review the list of sessions.  You can view any session without registering via YouTube Live, but some sessions may allow audience participation, which may only be available to those who register, which you can do after clicking “Registration is now open!” at

Radio Active Magazine regular Craig Lubow interviews Spencer Graves, who has logged over 20,000 edits to Wikimedia Foundation projects since 2010 and has attended every Wikimania conference since 2017.  At last year’s WikiConference North America, he made a presentation on “Wikimedia reducing major conflicts” in joint with Luisina Ferrante, the Education and Human Rights Manager of Wikimedia Argentina, and Patricia Díaz Rubio, the Executive Director of Wikimedia Chile.

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