Willard Uphaus, Louis Wyman, and Civil Liberties in the McCarthy Era Part One

In April, 2017, The World Fellowship Center in Albany, New Hampshire, with the support of New Hampshire Humanities, produced the program “Willard Uphaus, Louis Wyman, and Civil Liberties in the McCarthy Era”. We’ll hear a historical survey, in two parts, of what happened back in the McCarthy era of the 1950s in New Hampshire, when the state attorney general took up the challenge to root out alleged Communists in the state.

In Part One, the emphasis is on Attorney General Wyman and the jailing of Dr. Willard Uphaus, director of the World Fellowship Center, the role of the state and federal Supreme Courts, and the response of the community around Uphaus to the jailing. Dr. Chapman discusses in more detail Willard Uphaus’ personal history and the historical context in which he grew to become the person who resisted the red-baiting intrusion of Attorney General Wyman.


The moderator is Professor Micheal Ferber, and the panelists are W. Jeffrey Bolster, Dr. Clare Chapman, Dr. Maria Sanders.  


Moderator: Micheal Ferber
Producer: Fred Portnoy
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