Tasty Brew Music Winter Pledge Drive Part 2 – Black American Music Summit

The recent Folk Alliance International Conference held in Kansas City February 1-4 held space for the Black American Music Summit: What’s Next, a multi-day gathering for Black delegates at FAI.  Attendees learned from key speakers about navigating the folk music world, and all of its potential offshoots, from both creative and business perspectives. The Summit’s goal was to foster a sense of community and belonging amongst Black artists to broaden their presence in the folk music ecology.  Space was made for Black artists and industry alike to offer each other guidance, tools, and empowerment, where the guiding question was “how do we lift our gaze, make our presence stronger in the folk music industry, and empower our careers and our community?”

This week’s Tasty Brew Music playlist will feature some of the artists who attended this Summit as well as revisiting some highlights already shared from artists who consider themselves members of the so-called “Black Opry” movement in Country Music.

Joining Host Diana Linn will be Danny Powell, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Mid-Coast Radio Project, Inc. and President of the Heartland Song Network and Mike Paget, Director and Founder of the Green Guitar Folk House Series.

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