WMM with Julia Othmer & Ernest James + Guest DJ – Lesley Pories

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
Wednesday, March 9, 2022

New & MidCoastal Releases +
Ernest James & Julia Othmer & Midwest Innocence Project
+ Guest DJ Lesley Pories

Mark plays more New & MidCoastal Releases from: Kevin Morby, Flare Tha Rebel with Joe Miquelon, Monta At Odds, Julia Othmer, JNabe with Julia Reynolds, Ernest James Zydeco, Lily B. Moonflower, Architecture in Helsinki, M.I.A., Nina Simone, Kaÿn Lab, Ali Farka Tourė with Ry Cooder, J.J. Cale, and Ani DiFranco.

At 10:30 Ernest James & Julia Othmer share details on the Benefit for The Midwest Innocence Project, Friday, March 11, 2022, 6:00 to 10:00 pm, at The Brick Bar, 1727 Mcgee, KCMO. MIP assisted in the release of Kevin Strickland, a Black man wrongfully convicted by an all-white jury in 1979 of killing three people in Kansas City. No physical evidence linked him to the scene and the only witness later recanted her testimony. Kevin was sentenced to life in prison where he had been for over 42 years. In 2021, Kevin garnered national attention after former prosecutors said he was very likely innocent and called for his release. MIP is a not-for-profit dedicated to the investigation, litigation & exoneration of wrongfully convicted people in the region of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, & Nebraska. The benefit will feature live music by singer/songwriter Julia Othmer and traditional Louisiana style band Ernest James Zydeco with accordionist Ernest James, Barry “Washboard” Barnes on percussion, Mike Stover on bass, and Aryana Nemati on saxophone. For more info: www.themip.org

At 11:00 Mark talks with our outgoing MidCoast Radio Project – Board President, Lesley Pories who joins us a “Guest DJ” to play some of her favorite music before she leaves Kansas City to move to Stockholm, Sweden for her new job. Lesley moved to Kansas City eight years ago and has been volunteering at 90.1 FM for most of that time. Lesley served on the Board of Directors for six years. A Washington DC native, Lesley has a Masters in Urban Planning from UNC Chapel Hill and a Masters in International Relations from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. Lesley has lived and worked in Uzbekistan, India and Guinea. Lesley most recently served on the Board of BikeWalkKC and as a Senior Sector Analyst at water and sanitation non-profit, Water.org.

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Julia Reynolds Photo by Ian Noah Photography

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