WMM’s Favorite MidCoastal Releases of 2021 …so far (Part 2 of 3-Week series)

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

WMM’s Favorite MidCoastal Releases of 2021 …so far (Part 2 of 3-Week series) + Patrick Sprehe + Marion Merritt + Betse Ellis

WMM Celebrates the hundreds of New Area Musical Releases of 2021…so far. This week we bring you part two, of a three-week series, we’ll play recordings from: Lava Dreams, Dan Jones & The Squids, Elexa Dawson, True Lions with Calvin Arsenia, Asterales with Heidi Gluck, Bob Walkenhorst with Una Walkenhorst, Quiet Takes, Kat King, Kian Byrne, Kemet Coleman, Kadesh Flow, Making Movies with Calvin Arsenia & Jeremy Kittel, The Black Creatures, The Freedom Affair, and Fritz Hutchison.

At 11:00 we talk with Patrick Sprehe of Center Cut Records. Patrick has worked as High School teacher for 25 years, first serving with the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, and then moving on to Raleigh, NC; Oakland, CA; and Tokyo, Japan. He spent 13 years teaching at Academie Lafayette. Center Cut Records have a mission to illuminate the amazing collection of musical talent in Kansas City and solidify its place in the national discussion about sonic art. Center Cut Records has released Calvin Arsenia’s CANTALOUPE (2018), and L.A. SESSIONS (2019), and the EP HONEYDEW (2019); Fritz Hutchison’s WIDE WILD ACRES (2020); and they recently signed and remastered and reissued The Black Creatures WILD ECHOES. Center Cut Records SUMMER SOULSTICE is this Friday, June 18, with The Black Creatures, and The Freedom Affair and Kadesh Flow at Lemonad(e) Park, 1628 Wyoming. Lemonade Park is a limited capacity socially distanced outdoor venue created in partnership between recordBar, Voltaire, and Moxie Catering. More info at: www.centercutrecords.com

One of WMM’s longtime contributors, Marion Merritt of Records With Merritt, a minority owned business in KCMO, joins us as our special guest co-host. We also welcome Betse Ellis, critically acclaimed fiddler, singer, songwriter, and one half of Betse & Clarke who also joins us as special guest co-host. Betse & Marion will encourage our listeners to call 888-931-0901, or visit www.kkfi.org to support 90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio during our Spring Fund Drive Show.

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