Women, War, and Wikileaks

What do you learn when you pay attention to the women embroiled with the action around torture, imperialism and war? Dr. Cynthia Enloe, a scholar of Political Science and Women’s Studies, has made a career around this question. In this talk given at the US National Women’s Studies Association in 2004, Enloe enumerated women and their roles around the US torture of prisoners in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison. The program ends with a survey of women who appear (and sometimes speak) in the Swedish documentary WikiRebels, including member of the Icelandic parliament Birgitta Jonsdottir, and Hillary Clinton. Also heard is Julian Assange.

Cynthia Enloe is renowned for her work on gender and militarism. At Clark University, Professor Enloe served as director of Women’s Studies and chair of Political Science. She now is a research professor in the Department of International Development. Among Dr. Enloe’s many books are “Globalization and Militarism: Feminists Make the Link”; “Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women’s Lives” (2000); “Nimos War, Emmas War: Making Feminist Sense of the Iraq War”, (2010); “Bananas, Beaches and Bases” (revised, 2014); and, “The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging Persistent Patriarchy”.

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