Women’s Ambition

In 1970, women at Newsweek suddenly discovered their ambition and sued the company to allow women to be writers. Today, things have changed a little, but women still have to find their real ambition and then figure out how to express it in a gendered world. This program includes advice.

Lynn Povich, author of The Good Girls Revolt; Mrs. Moneypenny (Heather McGregor), columnist for the Financial Times and author of Sharpen Your Heela; Joanna Barsh, a director at McKinsey & Company, and author of the report,  Unlocking the Full Potential of Women at Work; Caroline Turner, principal, Difference Works LLC; Nicki Gilmour Founder, Evolved People Media LLC; Publisher and CEO, The Glass Hammer; CEO, Evolved Employer.

Based on episodes of Ashley Milne-Tyte’s audio blog The Broad Experiences – http://thebroadexperience.squarespace.com/listen/ Adapated for WINGS by Frieda Werden, series producer.


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