Women’s Equality Coalition Returns to the Tasty Brew Music Radio Show

Carol Smith, long time KKFI supporter and Member of The Women’s Equality Coalition returns for a Guest DJ Spot to cap off a month of events celebrating Women’s Equality Week.  The Coaltion has been working for nearly 10 years  to eliminate discrimination against women. It is a part of a national and international movement to stop voter suppression, increase women in top leadership positions, stop sex trafficking, implement worker pay inequity, end domestic violence and sexual assaults and increase employee paid leave.  The Coalition includes: American Association of University Women,  League of Women Voters (MO/KS), Loretto-KC, Mainstream Coalition, GKC Women’s Political Caucus, NAACP Women, Project 28 ERA, United WE, United Nations Women’s Council,  and Zonta-KC.

Carol and Host Diana Linn have teamed up to create a playlist of classic and new releases that seek put a spotlight on the issues raised and supported by the Coalition.  The views expressed on the show are those of the host and the guest.  Artists featured include Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Ani DiFranco, Aretha Franklin, and many many more.

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