Word Wednesday

Wordplay is a favorite vibe of Val, so on the Third Wednesday of every month, Val brings poets and wordsmiths to share our community media because the third, the third, the third is the Word Wednesday.  The rhymes of the Recipe, Negro Scoe, Miss Conception, Justin Parks, the Flying Asbinis, William Peck, Jason Ryberg, Professor Nightlife Jones, and more use their right to recite and insight words of wisdom for the listening audience at 10pm on Word Wednesday on Vibes with Val.  In November, Professor Nightlife Jones brings in U:lit Poetry Collective for a slam live in the studio while Val will be driving the Bus to Show for FloodFest around Westport to bring you the word on the streets!   So tune in on 90.1 FM or listen live online for the third, the third, the third is the Word Wednesday on 90.1 FM KKFI or www.kkfi.org!


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