Our show on October 2nd falls on the Tenth Annual Wrongful Conviction Day and host Latahra Smith will speak with Stephanie M. Burton, J.D., of Stephanie M. Burton, LLC.  Listeners may be aware that Latahra is the Founder of KC Freedom Project and she works tirelessly in the best interests of wrongfully convicted persons.  No innocent person should ever spend a day in prison, and yet innocent people are wrongfully convicted and incarcerated, both in the United States and in countries all around the world, every day.

Stephanie M. Burton has a law office in Kansas City Missouri and she specializes in criminal justice.  She and Latahra will speak on wrongful convictions,  conviction integrity units and Stephanie’s plans to address those issues.


You’re invited to a thought-provoking evening dedicated to shedding light on the importance of justice and the fight against wrongful conviction. Please join us at The Ship Oct. 2nd, as we observe Wrongful Conviction Day and stand together to raise awareness about this critical issue. Ricky Kidd will share poignant poetry from his book, “Vivid Expressions,” accompanied by a soul-stirring musical performance by singer, harpist, and author Calvin Arsenia. Let’s come together to honor the resilience of those who have endured wrongful convictions, and to inspire action towards preventing such injustices in the future. Your presence and participation can make a significant impact in raising awareness and fostering a fairer legal system.

In the second half of our program, Latahra will speak with Mataka Askari and Sheila Bruno about Post-Incarceration Syndrome, a syndrome similar to PTSD.  Even after serving their official sentences, many people continue to suffer the mental effects. Mataka and Sheila are representatives of an amazing organization called Wife After Prison.

The prison environment is almost diabolically conceived to force the offender to experience the pangs of what many psychiatrists would describe as mental illness.  It makes no sense and even less sense added to the injustice of wrongful conviction!


On Jaws of Justice, we examine how to find justice in our society.  Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.


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