Your Voice as a Sacred Instrument and Guide with Vasavi Kumar

How we talk to ourselves matters. It sets the tone for every experience in our life. Kumar suggests that when we, in truth, speak out loud the words that swirl relentlessly in the fog of our minds, so also will deep healing take place. It’s her understanding and experience that our voice is a sacred instrument that is a powerful guide in releasing emotions, traumas, and difficult memories that are stored in our body. It can also be dramatically effective in transforming our lives in meaningful ways. As we start speaking to ourselves out loud with kindness and curiosity, our body will loosen up and speak back to us. This deep dialogue explores how to go about practicing this compelling process that has infinite implications for our well-being. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

VASAVI KUMAR is a first generation Indian American, a life coach and licensed therapist who holds degrees in social work and special education from Hofstra and Columbia Universities. She runs the Say It out Loud Safe Haven community for coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

Vasavi Kumar is the author of:

  • Say It out Loud: Using the Power of Your Voice to Listen to Your Deepest Thoughts and Courageously Pursue Your Dreams. (New World Library 2023)

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