L.A. Theatre Works

L.A. Theatre Works brings the dynamic talents of Nathan Lane, Jimmy Smits, Hilary Swank, Kelsey Grammer, Laurence Fishburne and many more performing in captivating works by David Mamet, Tom Stoppard, Arthur Miller and others. Each two-hour show has been produced into two one-hour segments that include celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes features. L.A. Theatre Works is radio drama that is contemporary, edgy and significant. Upcoming LA Theater Works: God’s Man in Texas: Whether you’re selling cars, real estate- or salvation – if you don’t meet your numbers, you’re in trouble. It can even happen to the beloved head of a Houston megachurch, who won’t relinquish control of his pulpit even as the competition to replace him heats up. Robert Pescovitz, W. Morgan Sheppard, and Andy Taylor star in God’s Man in Texas by David Rambo. Next time on L.A. Theatre Works.

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