Moby’s Trip

Moby’s Trip is a show chock full of buttery psychedelic music goodness with existential sprinkles. Its a rock-n-roll show and a breath mint recommended by four out of five doctors. Anything could turn up here. There’s a little saying we have ’round here, “Radio…it’s just not your audio wallpaper anymore.” C’mon on by for a listen. It only bites if you let it. And you’ll want to let it. I promise.

Wait, There’s More…

[Say unto the parched-ear listening community, Lonesome Cowboy Bill, how this Moby’s Trip came to be.] On a dark, stormy night in the autumn of 1989, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson knocked on my door and he stood there and said, “Philip K. Dick says, ‘you must ambush tender minds on the radio with music!'”  sez, “It will produce the pink light of satori and strike them through the 3rd eye.”  “Can you do that, man?  Think fast, or Kansas City media gets eaten by wild pigs!” warned Thompson, wild-eyed like a burning pharmacy.  sez I:”I’ll do it with a mish-mash of mind-warping rock and roll–stuff you may have heard before, but in a head-kicker context.”  “Exactly!” shouted Thompson.  “It should be a great white whale of a show.” “Ah! Depth AND Teeth! It should be a Moby’s Trip.  For, “anything could happen” is expected.”