Under the Radar

The phrase, “under the radar,” literally means to go without attracting notice; in an undetected or secretive manner. But don’t let the title of John Todd’s radio program fool you. If the bands he plays on air were unnoticed before, they are surely on someone’s radar now.

John has made it his personal mission to unearth Kansas City’s best musicians by giving them the airplay they deserve. On his program, “Under the Radar”, anything goes.  From rock to country, folk to funk, there’s something here for all. So tune in on Sunday nights from 8-10 p.m. and let John help you get these under-represented bands on your music radar.

Some of the guests on Under the Radar

Thanks to local musicians and performances for their appearance on the “Under the Radar” show: Sondra Freeman, Lez Izmore, The Atlantic, Not a Planet, David George, Future Kings, She’s a Keeper, The Empty Spaces, Kris Bruders, Brian Frame, Chris Haghirian Canyon McClung, Map for Travelers, Bryant Carter Band, Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company, Wizards from Kansas, New Lost Souls, The Cave Girls, Red Kate, Blackbird Revue, Cherokee Rock Rifle, The Kansas City Hitman, Sons of Great Dane, Abigail Henderson, Christopher Lynn Meck, Rhonda Lyne & Andrew Plante, Expo 70, Sounding of the Deep, Be/Non, Jorge Arana & Daniel Starling …  The list keeps growing !!!

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