Voodoo Kittens

The Voodoo Kittens offer a special breed of afternoon blues entertainment. We start with the old masters and end up with contemporary blues. Along the way, the Kittens keep it real by throwing in musical styles which are offshoots of blues or were heavily influenced by and/or blended with blues to produce new sounds: rockabilly, R&B, early soul, country, jazz, zydeco, Cajun, swamp pop, and anything else that might temporarily sway our feline senses.

Expect it all: entries from Walter Trout and Big Mama Thornton to Ray Charles and BB King, with side dishes by the likes of the Pine Leaf Boys, Sam Cooke, and George Jones. For dessert–well, what is sweeter than their bad selves, the delightful Miss Katnip and Stray Cat? Tune in for a heapin’ helpin’ of the best of the blues, hosted by the sleekest, hippest purr-fect beings this side of the globe.

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