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Freeze Frame: “Halloween Ends” (R), “Rosaline” (PG-13), “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” (PG-13)

The title of the movie is "Halloween Ends." And if you believe that, I've got a bridge in Bonner Springs to sell you. After 11 films over 44 years, Jamie Lee Curtis is still being menaced by boogeyman Michael Meyers in theaters and on Peacock. Curtis is back as Laurie...

Take Two: “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (PG-13)

Jaeden Martell ("It") and Donald Sutherland ("The Hunger Games") star in "Mr. Harrigan's Phone," a Netflix film adapted from a Stephen King novella. John Lee Hancock ("The Blind Side") provides the screenplay and direction for this supernatural coming-of-age movie.