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Take Two: Passing” (PG-13)

Ruth Negga ("Loving") and Tessa Thompson ("Silvie's Love") star in "Passing," based on the 1929 novel by Nella Larsen. It's the story of two African-American friends, one who is passing as white. The film marks the directorial debut of actress Rebecca Hall ("Vicky Christina Barcelona").

Freeze Frame: “Belfast” (PG-13), “Passing” (PG-13), “Red Notice” (PG-13)

“Belfast” is a dreamily nostalgic tale from filmmaker Kenneth Branagh, loosely inspired by his own childhood in late 60s strife-torn Northern Ireland. Shot in glorious black-and-white, “Belfast” is a loving tribute to Branagh’s family and the denizens of his close-knit neighborhood as they faced “The Troubles” between Protestants and Catholics....