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Law and Disorder Radio
Law and Disorder • August 4, 9:00am – 10:00am

People’s Law Office Files Suit To Stop Paramilitary In Chicago and USPS Crisis During Pandemic: Update

Military forces were sent out to crush the demonstrations, to dominate the streets. Dressed in camouflage uniforms without identification they plucked protesters off the street, kidnapped and interrogated them, and then released them. They used teargas, pepper spray, and fired rubber bullets. They beat people severely with batons and focused their attacks on paramedics, National Lawyers Guild legal observers and journalists. Trump has indicated that he plans to send his para- military forces to Chicago. Black Lives Matter in that city and several other activist organizations have banded together and sued Trump to prevent this.

Former Postmaster General Megan Brennan in April asked the House Oversight and Reform Committee for a $75 billion relief package based on the earlier forecasts. The request was approved, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, package volume has actually increased. But experts say its not a matter of if the USPS will deplete its funds, but when.

EcoRadio KC logo
EcoRadio KC • August 3, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Environmental Education and Turtles

Bob Sommer, environmental activist and Fundraising director for Sierra Club-Kansas Chapter, talks to host Craig Lubow about the environmental grants program by the Sierra Club-Kansas. This program gives grants to educators in Kansas for special environmental projects designed for their students. Two of the recipients, Samantha Swank and Christina McCleary will join us to talk about their projects.

Samantha teaches at Royal Valley High School in Hoyt, Kansas. Her project is "Pollinators' Garden with Interactive Tour." It will focus on teaching students and community members about the importance of native plants and native pollinators.

Christina teaches 4th grade in Neodesha. The projuct is "Bluestreaks in Bloom: An Outdoor Classroom & Gardens." It is designed to teach students about conservation, the water cycle, recycling, pollinator, and the benefits of gardening.

We will finish off the show talking to Olivia Miller. Olivia went to Costa Rica last year to study the leatherback Sea Turtles
This six minute film documents a conservation journey through Costa Rica. The focus of the research is leatherback sea turtles and their nests on the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica. This documentary was made from about twenty hours of editing. The film was recorded in Costa Rica in June 2019 at Pacuare Reserve. This was filmed, edited, and produced by Olivia Miller.

logo for Jaws of Justice Radio show
Jaws of Justice Radio • August 3, 9:00am – 10:00am

Real Reasons for Gun Violence Exposed, a call-in show, then KCK Mayor David Alvey and Commissioner Harold Johnson talk about the new Task Force on Community and Police Relations.

Real Reasons for Gun Violence Exposed is a call-in show. Host Keith Brown El has written a treatise on gun violence, which you can read at the Jaws of Justice Facebook page. We hope our discussion will lead to positive change. We ask listeners to call in and add to the discussion, call 816)931-5534.
Next, Terri Wilke will talk with KCK Mayor David Alvey and Commission Harold Johnson about the Unified Government’s new Task Force on Community and Police Relations which plans to help guide discussion and advance dialogue between the community and law enforcement with an objective to help build and strengthen trust between the community and law enforcement.

Global Roots Radio • August 2, 3:00pm – 5:00pm

celebrating Black August in music and words.

the power of music, voice and the words of the many on this episode, including: Angela Davis, Joe McPhee, Hayedeh, Ahmad Malek & Flako, Noura Mink Seylami, Moor Mother, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe .... and field recordings from Nov.12th SCOTUS DACA hearings!

Happy birthday James Baldwin and Naná Vasconcelos! <3

Interfaith Voices logo
Inspired • August 2, 5:00am – 5:59am

Inspired 8/2

Lynn Casteel Harper shares what drew her into chaplaincy and how an unexpected message sparked a curiosity and passion for serving those with dementia.

Art of the Song • August 2, 4:00am – 4:59am

Art of the Song 08-02

This week we present a special edition of Art of the Song celebrating the legendary folk music club, Caffè Lena.

WINGS • August 1, 2:30pm – 3:00pm


From the WINGS archive back in 1996, these are two short stories read by their authors

This Way Out (LGBT) • August 1, 2:00pm – 2:30pm

This Way Out 08-01

Black Lives Matter to young queer activists

Logo for Take Two
Take Two • July 31, 12:32pm – 12:34pm

Take Two: “The Tobacconist” (R)

The well known novel by Austrian writer Robert Seethaler provides the basis for the pre-WWII drama, "The Tobacconist" (Der Trafikant ). The film version is directed by Nikolaus Leytner and features one of the final performances from the late Swiss actor Bruno Ganz ("The Manchurian Candidate.")

Anything Goes • July 31, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Anything Goes

The July 31st show will feature Bob Kendricks from the Negro League Baseball Museum who will discuss the 100th anniversary of the league.