Secure the KKFI Tower Easement

UPDATE: We are now over $320,000 toward our $350,000 goal! Thanks to the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation, the H&R Block Foundation and over 615 donors.


Thank you to Patrick & Barbara Patterson, Jeff Humfeld, Sal Wells and one very generous anonymous donor for putting forth this challenge.

What is the Issue?

While we are fortunate to own our broadcast tower, we do not own the land on which it sits.  For 33 years, we have been leasing the property in Independence, MO, but it was recently sold, and the new owner is planning to resell it in early 2022.  In radio, signal reliability is critical. We must have permanent access to the tower when repairs and updates are needed.   We have explored all options and purchasing a long-term property easement is the best because it will provide unlimited access, and eliminate the $21,468 in annual rent we currently pay, which will allow us to invest in more local programming.

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Ed Asner at KKFI in 2013 – a Heartland Labor Forum Special Program

Ed Asner died on August 29th. He was Kansas City born and raised, and he made it big in Hollywood, winning a bundle of Emmys for The Mary Tyler Moore Show and it’s sequel, Lou Grant. Ed was also a union leader. He was President of the Screen Actors Guild in the 1980s. Ed was also an anti-imperialist and tireless campaigner for human rights and for labor rights in Latin America. He came to KKFI in June of 2013 and was interviewed by Heartland Labor Forum’s Judy Ancel. We’ve edited this recording to just include the Asner interview.

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