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logo for the Heartland Labor Forum show
Heartland Labor Forum • December 5, 6:00pm – 12:00am

Chicago Teachers Union Bargaining for the Common Good

The Chicago Teachers Union is a leader in today’s labor movement, not just in bargaining for the common good in education, but also showing the country that unions play a key role in fighting back against cuts in public services and in countering the attack on the working class. Tune in to find out what happened in the CTU’s latest strike.

Cowtown Conversations • December 5, 9:00am – 10:00am

Conversation with Attorney Sherry DeJanes and Christine Taylor-Butler about how to pay your taxes under protest.

Join as we have a conversation with local Attorney Sherry DeJanes and Christine Taylor-Butler and the Kansas City Property Tax and how to pay your taxes under protest.

Logo - From Ark to Microchip
From Ark to Microchip • December 4, 11:30pm – 12:00am

Counterclock Worlds of Philip K. Dick, Part 1

Always behind his plot smokescreen of extraterrestrials, future societies, machine paradigms, and counterclock worlds is a full-blown religio-mystic outlook, a theory of reality as we experience it outside fiction—in day-to-day encounters that posit a just-around-the-corner arcanum of phantasmal migrations into the no-longer-future and the unbecoming past.

Wednesday MidDay Medley • December 4, 10:00am – 12:00pm

Wednesday MidDay Medley presents 119 Best Recordings of 2019 (Part 1 of 4)

Wednesday MidDay Medley presents part-one, of our four-week special: The 119 Best Recordings of 2019. Based on playlists of this little ole radio show, we've compiled representative tracks from our favorite full-length and EP recordings of 2019. This Wednesday, we'll count down #119 through #91 of our list, with music from: Vedettes, Ivy Roots, Dan Jones and The Squids, Lincoln Marshall, Giants Chair, Jo MacKenzie, Kadesh Flow, Chloe Jacobson, Drugs and Attics, anothermaxwell, VidCo Kult, HelKat, HMPH!, Keaton Conrad, The Bad Ideas, Quixotic, Shawn Stewart, Dylan Pyles, Weyes Blood, Moon Duo, Sharon Van Etten, Lionel Limiñana & The Limiñanas, Purple Mountains, Bedouine, Angel Olsen, Sinkane, Nilüfer Yanya, Tituss Burgess, and Y La Bamba.

Logo for Artspeak Radio 1400x1400 px
Artspeak Radio • December 4, 12:12am – 12:13am

ARTSPEAK RADIO with Heath Church & Pendleton Arts Block

Wednesday December 4, 2019, noon - 1pm CST, 90.1fm KKFI Kansas City Community Radio, streaming live

Producer/host Maria Vasquez Boyd talks with singer/songwriter Heath Church and Chanae Williams and Cheyenne Squire with Pendleton Arts Block.

Radio Active Magazine • December 3, 6:00pm – 6:30pm

Early view of next year’s Fringe Festival and a look back at the past

Cheryl Kimmi, Executive Director of the annual KC Fringe Festival, joins host Bill Clause to discuss next year's Fringe Festival and a look back on the past festivals.

Linx Mix • December 3, 10:00am – 12:00pm

Soul Super Soaker #10: Originals

Who was the first band to record "Papa Was a Rolling Stone"? How about "Midnight Train to Georgia"?, Try "Lady Marmalade"! Tune in today to hear more than 20 great original takes of songs, before they went on to become hits. That's only on Linx Mix!

Law and Disorder Radio
Law and Disorder • December 3, 9:00am – 10:00am

CCR Attorney Brings GTMO Cases To Highest International Court; and In Defense of Julian Assange Book Launch

The role of the International Criminal Court is to bring to justice the world's worst crimes known to humankind " war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. The USA is not one of the 123 countries who participate in this International Court, but it can still be investigated and tried if the crimes it commits were committed in one of the 123 countries.

Margaret Kunstler, Aaron Mate, Nathan Fuller, Amy Goodman, and Barry Pollack spoke about the wrongly prosecuted Julian Assange on the occasion of the recent publication by OR Books of In Defense of Julian Assange composed of 39 authors offering a range of insights and perspectives.

EcoRadio KC logo
EcoRadio KC • December 2, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Composting and CAFOs

First, Coco Castle and Meredith McAllister join host Craig Lubow to discuss composting on behalf of Compost Collective KC. Second, Annie Speicher Joins Craig for a discussion of her film, "Right to Harm". The discussion will include adverse impacts of CAFOs.


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