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Hard Knock Radio

Hosted by   •  Listen live Every Friday at 4:00am

Hip Hop music and culture remixed with the important issues of the day.

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Show Me Mix Show

Hosted by Christopher Edwards   •  Listen live Every Saturday at 8:00pm

Hip-Hop is a huge part of the artistic community in Kansas City and our mission is to recognize that very fact. The Show-Me Mix Show is a radio show created to cultivate the hip-hop rhythm of Kansas City featuring artists such as MC Reach, Soul Servers, Godson, Young Fierce, The Brain from Fifth Lane and Lez Izmore.

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The Energy and Jams Show

Hosted by Ed “Eddie Bo” Bohannon   •  Listen live Listen Saturday at 8:00 pm
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The Wire

Hosted by   •  Listen live Every Friday at 12:00am

Kool Wayne and his crew host overnight hip/hop, news, and talk.

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