Got the Blues? We usually think of “The Blues” as a feeling of melancholy and sadness set to music. Sometimes, that’s the mood we’re in and there are different types of Blues on KKFI. Some of our programs’ names let you know what will satisfy your mood from “Blues Kitchen,” “Edged in Blue,” to “Old G’s Hangout.” So come on by when you “got the Blues.”

Blues Kitchen

Hosted by Junebug   •  Listen live Every Saturday at 9:00am

"Blues Kitchen" has a large, dedicated following of Blues listeners -- near and far.

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Edged In Blue

Hosted by Wendy   •  Listen live Every Friday at 3:00pm

Don't miss a beat! Tune in when KKFI's original rockin' blues goddess, Wendy, hosts Edged in Blue!

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In The Groove

Hosted by   •  Listen live Every Monday at 12:00pm

 “In The Groove” is an all-vinyl show that aims to celebrate the vinyl format with records spanning the 1950’s-contemporary musical artists. Funk and Soul will be the mainstays genre-wise but will include Latin Rhythms, Reggae, French Pop, Blues, R&B, Garage Rock, and more.

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Linx Mix

Hosted by Mixmaster Linc   •  Listen live Every Tuesday at 10:00am

Linx Mix follows the musical journey of Mixmaster Linc from prog, art, and classic rock through electric blues, blues-rock, jazz-rock and beyond. Focusing on music that is melodically and compositionally more sophisticated, rather than simple or repetitive. The show brings a balance of familiar and unfamiliar tunes, so that the show can both be a learning experience, and can also bring the reverie of the classics from back in the day.

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Lynn’s Beautician Blues Show

Hosted by Luscious Lynn   •  Listen live Every Tuesday at 4:00pm

The format is vintage-present Blues, Jazz, R&B, Zydeco. Thanks for enjoying the DELIGHTS of Lynn's Beautician Blues Show.

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Mother’s Mix

Hosted by Lady D   •  Listen live Every Monday at 4:00pm

Mother's Mix, Blues with Lady D.

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The Midtown Lounge

Hosted by Frank Sereno   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 2:00 am

Welcome to "The Midtown Lounge," the ultimate radio show dedicated to the best blues, rock, funk, soul, and jazz while also paying tribute to the legends! This show takes you on a journey through the rich history of each genre, featuring deep album cuts and brand-new music that keeps your soul grooving.

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