Sunday Morning Musical Mashup

A potpourri of musical genres from multiple musical eras — specializing in themed shows and taking requests when you call 816.931.5534 (KKFI), with your host Patrick Lloyd.

Patrick has been a musician and music lover for over 50 years and has a humongous collection of recorded music (with nearly 2 million tunes from vinyl, cassette, CD and mp3 formats) from which to cull his playlist selections.  He has also hosted “ProgNosis”, a program devoted to progressive rock music.  In addition to sprinkling a little bit of prog-rock into the “Sunday Morning Musical Mashup” show that he currently hosts, all Mashup playlists will represent a broad array of musical genres and eras – and he is happy to take real-time requests from listeners who call the KKFI studio line (816-931-5534) during the show.

Listeners can subscribe to his monthly (or thereabouts) show-and-all-things-music-related email update (free-of-charge, addressees blinded) or offer show theme suggestions, issue artist or song requests, send mp3s for airplay consideration and share music info nuggets by contacting him directly at [email protected].

Upcoming Episodes

June 23, 2024 Americana/Roots, Music, Rock

June 23 Mashup

This week's Mashup playlist will recognize Pride Month, with a playlist exclusively comprising LGBTQIA+ artists -- evidencing that great music is great music, transcending all other considerations.

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