Public Service Announcement Submissions

We provide this as a service to our community as part of KKFI’s Mission to inform the public about information that is overlooked or underrepresented in other forms of media. Please review these guidelines before submitting a PSA request.

Note: KKFI is under no obligation to air PSAs. They are offered as a service to our community and are subject to our discretion. 

Please submit your information at least two weeks in advance. The more time you give us, the more likely we will have time to get it on-the-air. Your proposed PSA will be evaluated to fit within the FCC and KKFI Guidelines and will be run on air depending on time availability. We will do our best to meet your PSA request, but KKFI Volunteers have limited time.

If you would like to target your message, a longer campaign, or to have it air on specific programs, please contact our Community Marketing Representative.

What we Need:

  • Date & Location
  • Time Start & Stop
  • Name of: Event or Issue or Organization, Etc.
  • Description of Event (if applicable)
  • Host of Event Organization/Individual (if applicable)
  • Anything else you think we should know.
  • Why is this event important to the community
  • Website or online location for more information (if applicable)


Example PSA Script:

“August 4 is primary election day in Kansas and Missouri.  The deadline for a mail-in ballot is July 28 in Kansas.  That deadline has already passed in Missouri.  Medicaid expansion in Missouri will be decided August 4.  More information is available at,, and other web sites. 
This message is a public service of KKFI.”

Must be able to read in 30 Seconds
 or Less.

Complete the form below and submit the information.