KKFI Guest Instructions Form

Thank you for joining KKFI 90.1FM

KKFI’s top priority during the Coronavirus pandemic is to maintain a clean and safe environment in the face of a virus that continues to evolve and put people at risk.  It is everyone’s responsibility to keep KKFI healthy and safe. We expect everyone to adhere to this policy.  That said, any person who enters the station does so at their own risk.  

Complete this form below before your interview.

The most important rule of all is to relax and have fun!

Please come prepared to share your expertise with our audience. Before the show, discuss with your host what the show will cover and have in mind what you wish to discuss. If necessary, write down dates, phone numbers, facts and figures, etc., for reference, but don’t bring things to read that are more than a sentence or two unless you are giving a dramatic presentation.

Talk at a normal, conversational pace. Be flexible. Let your host guide the conversation, but don’t hesitate to interject relevant information when you think it’s important. However, please don’t interrupt or comment on announcements, whether recorded or read aloud by the host. Be certain only one person is talking at any given time.

Don’t assume all members of the listening audience are familiar with your topic. Many will be listening because they want to learn. Explain your topic simply and then get more advanced, if you have time. If you use an acronym, explain what it stands for the first time you use it.

Please remember, our listeners cannot see your facial expressions, body language, or hand gestures. Express your meaning clearly through your words.

When lit, the red “on-air” sign (on the studio wall by the door) indicates there is at least one “live” microphone in the studio. Never whisper a private message when that sign is lit because it could be picked up by a “live” microphone and broadcast. If you must communicate something while on the air, please write a note or use hand signals.

Lively discussion and controversy can keep an audience tuned in, but please don’t say anything on the air that is disparaging of our station or our staff.

When you enter the studio, put on one of the available headsets and adjust the volume to a comfortable level. If you need help, ask the host.

When seated comfortably, adjust your microphone to a comfortable height about three to six inches from your mouth. Avoid adjusting the microphone while on the air.

Speak directly into the microphone. Listen to the sound of your voice in the headset during the interview to determine whether you need to move closer or farther away from the microphone.

Don’t squeak your chair, rattle paper or jewelry, or make other distracting background noise. Please don’t pound, tap, or rap on the desktop. Sound effects that relate to your program are OK.

At the conclusion of the program, please leave the studio quickly so the next programmer can come in and set up in the few minutes we have between programs.

THANK YOU for reviewing these rules and contributing your time and expertise to KKFI Kansas City Community Radio. We appreciate your efforts as we work together to serve our listeners with high quality locally-produces programs.