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(816) 931-3122 – Office

(816) 931-KKFI (5534) – On-Air Studios

(888) 931-0901 – Fund Drive/Band Auction

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PO Box 32250
Kansas City, MO 64171

Visit the station:

3901 Main Street
Suite 203
Kansas City, MO 64111

KKFI is on the southeast corner of 39th & Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri. You can park on east side of the building; which is accessible from Walnut Avenue, and enter through the doors facing the lot. Use the security panel mounted on the brick wall to the left of the doors to contact our front desk and get access to the building.

KKFI 90.1FM Studios

Music Submissions – KKFI Kansas City

KKFI is multi music format, community radio in Kansas City, playing everything from alternative to zydeco. Our volunteer show hosts produce & present weekly shows for almost all tastes. Check program guide for schedules.

Note: we have no set playlists, nor rotation

You may still to submit music with CD’s, Some of our programmers avoid other formats. We still have turntables in the studio, and of course have the means to play digital files.

Mail Music to KKFI

All music presented to the station is directed to the most logical show host for consideration. If you know for sure who you wish to have your music, include their name on the envelope to ensure they receive it.

KKFI New Music

PO Box 32250

Kansas City, Mo 64171-2250

Or if you prefer using our street address;

KKFI New Music

3901 Main St. Suite 203

Kansas City, Mo 64111

Digital Music Submission

Digital files can be presented to [email protected], where they will be forwarded on to our show hosts for consideration.

These submissions should have a stream link, so we can determine how to route the music.

Stream links that require downloading an outside player, may or may not get reviewed.

It is best to submit digital files in download form, ie, Dropbox, Google Play, etc.

These files will be forwarded to appropriate show hosts for consideration.

MP3 attachments should be limited to less than 8 MB’s Total! Those files larger than 8 MB are difficult to send to the proper people and may not get the opportunity to be considered.

Follow Up after Submission

KKFI Music Librarian – Norm Browning

[email protected]

816.931.3122 (x6) or (Ask for Music Library)