Grateful Dead Hour: Radio’s Weekly Dose of Dead

Hosted by David Gans   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 10:00pm

David Gans is the producer and host of The Grateful Dead Hour, a syndicated weekly radio program currently airing on dozens of stations across the U.S., including most major markets. The hour-long show features unreleased live material from the Dead's private vaults, but it's a lot more, too. Gans has made it a point to diversify the shows' content, so that listeners can not only add rare, vintage recordings to their collections but get some idea of "where the Dead are coming from."

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High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio Show

Hosted by Charles Cannon   •  Listen live Every Wednesday at 12:00am

The High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio show is dedicated to playing all the genres of hard rock and metal, especially obscure and independent artists, as well as unusual or rare songs from larger bands.

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In The Groove

Hosted by   •  Listen live Every Monday at 12:00pm

 “In The Groove” is an all-vinyl show that aims to celebrate the vinyl format with records spanning the 1950’s-contemporary musical artists. Funk and Soul will be the mainstays genre-wise but will include Latin Rhythms, Reggae, French Pop, Blues, R&B, Garage Rock, and more.

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Linx Mix

Hosted by Mixmaster Linc   •  Listen live Every Tuesday at 10:00am

Linx Mix follows the musical journey of Mixmaster Linc from prog, art, and classic rock through electric blues, blues-rock, jazz-rock and beyond. Focusing on music that is melodically and compositionally more sophisticated, rather than simple or repetitive. The show brings a balance of familiar and unfamiliar tunes, so that the show can both be a learning experience, and can also bring the reverie of the classics from back in the day.

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Retro Red-Eye Express

Hosted by Sunshine   •  Listen live Every Saturday at 10:00pm

Retro Red-Eye Express airs Saturdays from 10pm - Midnight (CT) and features a mix of music that DJ Sunshine calls "New Wave to Now."

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Rockabilly Mood Swing radio show logo

Rockabilly Mood Swing

Hosted by Lynne G.   •  Listen live Every Friday at 5:00pm

The Rockabilly Mood Swing show is a revved-up trip down the rockabilly speedway! With the occasional detour to boppin' hillbilly, jump blues, psychobilly, early rock and roll, and hoppin' country twang, this is the way to jump start your weekend.

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Second Set

Hosted by Rick Chael   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 11:00pm

Rick and DJ Timmy play music from the Dead family.

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Signal to Noise

Hosted by Barry Lee   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 10:00am

Free-form radio inspired by the free-form experiments of underground radio in the mid to late 60s, although I play much more than just rock and roll. This program is dedicated to the proposition that all good music transcends it's genre and is just as relevant today as it was in 1930, for instance. On Signal To Noise you're likely to hear anything from Charley Patton to Super Furry Animals. The trick to free-form radio is to blend different styles of music from different eras and make it sound not only natural, but right.

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Sunday Morning Musical Mashup

Hosted by Patrick Lloyd   •  Listen live Sunday at 7:00 am

A potpourri of musical genres from multiple musical eras -- specializing in themed shows and taking requests when you call 816.931.5534 (KKFI) or drop an email to [email protected].

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The Midtown Lounge

Hosted by Frank Sereno   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 2:00 am

Welcome to "The Midtown Lounge," the ultimate radio show dedicated to the best blues, rock, funk, soul, and jazz while also paying tribute to the legends! This show takes you on a journey through the rich history of each genre, featuring deep album cuts and brand-new music that keeps your soul grooving.

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The Pipeline

Hosted by

The Pipeline is a Rock n' Roll radio show that airs Saturday nights from 1 - 4 am and is hosted by Colin Doyle.

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The Real Deal

Hosted by Mike Lytle   •  Listen live Every Friday at 7:00pm

The “Real Deal” is a free-form FM radio show just like it used to be in the late 60's and early 70's! Mike mixes the Oldies and Garage Rock from the late 60's with the Progressive Rock, Fusion and Blues Rock from the 70's. Then he blends in new releases and live cuts, sprinkling in local artists to get a very tasty collection of music that will give you ONE BIG HEAD RUSH!!!!

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Tuesday MidDay Medley

Hosted by

The Tuesday MidDay Medley is a mix of Jazz-Fusion, "Funk" (not funk!) and old school R&B with an emphasis on bands with tight rhythm sections and dynamic horn sections.

The show, hosted by Barry Jackson, includes interviews with local, national and internationally-renowned artists on a regular basis. Barry has had the pleasure of interviewing such artists as the founding members of the Tower of Power, George Duke, Jean Luc Ponty, Tiger Okoshi, Billy Cobham and many others.

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Under the Radar

Hosted by John Todd

John has made it his personal mission to unearth Kansas City’s best musicians by giving them the airplay they deserve. On his program, “Under the Radar”, anything goes. From rock to country, folk to funk, there’s something here for all.

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Wednesday MidDay Medley

Hosted by Mark Manning   •  Listen live Every Wednesday at 10:00am

Wednesday MidDay Medley plays with themes and special events. The show features new releases, local artists, glam, indie, punk, funk, folk, hip hop, classic country, jazz, lo-fi, electronic, soul, latin, broadway, cuban, african, ambient, and live in-studio performances from area musicians, performers, and writers.

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