Thursday Night Special

Thursday nights are special!

First Thursday: vary.

Second Thursday: Shots in the Night radio theatre; hosted and produced by various members of Shots In The Night. In 2021 SITN has received two awards for podcast productions in the 9th Annual Hear Now Audio Fiction and Arts Festival produced by the National Audio Theatre Festivals, Inc.

SITN placed in two categories: Lover’s Red script won first place in the GOLD category; Bank Note in 5 Acts took second place in the SILVER category.

Third Thursday: Rise Up! produced by the Racial Justice Initiative, including Catina Taylor, Richard Mabion, and Lesley Pories

Fourth Thursday: River City Chautauqua; producer Julie Bennett Hume

Fifth Thursday: beginning July 31, 2021: From Ark to Microchip;  producer Dwight Frizzell

Note: These programs may be preempted by special presentations.

Upcoming Episodes

July 29, 2021 Arts & Culture, Local, News & Public Affairs

TIMECAPSULES: a KCAI Sound Project featuring David Ossman & Judith Walcutt

Timecapsules, as reinvented by David Ossman, are audio holograms—projections of historic texts through the lens of today—but from a future perspective.  As audio fossils, they connect us across time while indulging in the particularities of our moment. The layered Timecapsule approach flows through Firesign Theatre’s work, but here the form is liberated from the revolutionary narratives they once served. Unfettered from the past while capsulizing it, they are surprisingly compelling on their own.

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