Late Night

Kansas City Rockhouse

Hosted by Marshall Barber   •  Listen live Every Friday at 12:00 am

ROCKHOUSE, the home of hard hittin' gut-bustin' R&B, soul, roots rock n roll, and gleeby rhythms. Hear
the classics, not the cliches of rock n soul!

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Hosted by Justin Betterton   •  Listen live Every Tuesday at 12:00am

KCDIY Radio is Kansas City's last and only punk radio program. Each week is a themed selection of punk and hardcore from the past 30 years, including new music each week.

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Nocturnal Love

Hosted by KC   •  Listen live Every Tuesday at 2:00am

A wide variety of music hosted by KC.

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Our 6-String World

Hosted by Pilsbury   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 12:00am

Our 6-String World is mainly 21st Century Music that features the guitar with emphasis on Blues/Rock and Rock.

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Seasoned Beats

Hosted by Radionic Powers   •  Listen live Every Friday at 11:00pm

“Seasoned Beats” is a unique blend of Vintage Jazz, Funk, Soul, Fusion, and Progressive, along with innovative musical ideas.

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Shut Up and Listen

Hosted by Jaye Powers   •  Listen live Every Monday at 2:00am

A late night call in talk show where anything is open to discuss. Sometimes we succeed at this, other times we fail..horribly.. it’s a real crap shoot. But please join us on this adventure into the less appealing sides of the argument, some skepticism and advocating for the devil, and oh yeah, plenty of ‘Florida Man.’

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