Late Night

Astral Connection

Hosted by DJ Flow   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 12:00am

Astral Connection is a genre-fluid array of sonic expressions, connecting to you live from the heart of Kansas City. The two best ways to put a smile on anyone’s face, is good food and good music. Your host, DJ Flow, cooks up, mixes, and serves you food for the soul. Exploring the inner and outer reaches of the human spirit, and how we relate to time, you will embark on a journey of creation created in the astral plane.

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Hosted by Rebecca Roche   •  Listen live Every Wednesday at 2:00am

Eclectics is a (variety) music showcase. This will be the first place you will hear many local artists, as well as national and international musicians, such as Sheryl Crow, Brollywacker, Shona Laing, David Hakan, Nick Lowe, The Rainmakers, Jen Raz, Mike Cross, David Lindley, Nellie McKay, The Samples, Dana Lyons.

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HipHop Chronicles

Hosted by Mike Nyce   •  Listen live Every Saturday at 2:00 am

A Hip-Hop mix show designed with public radio in mind. HHC is built with hip-hop audio documentaries, "this day in Hip-Hop history" facts, exclusive one-on-one artist interviews, new music, album reviews. plus classic and old school music. This program blends hip hop culture, history, and current events with music from the 70's, 80's, 90’s, and NOW

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Moonlight Drive

Hosted by Scott Jenkins   •  Listen live Every Sunday at 12:00am

A weekly cruise through the last 50+ years of Alternative music (Rock, Country and Americana), balancing the familiar with the obscure. We swim to the moon, climb through the tide, exposing what the city sleeps to hide.

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Moonlight Mosaic

Hosted by   •  Listen live Every Friday at 9:00pm

Scott's philosophy for the show is that our modern music is a constant continuum of folks building upon, blending and deconstructing everything that has come before. There is always something new to listen to if you trace the origins of sounds or seek out new interpretations. His goal is to explore hidden branches for hidden fruit on a tree far from the mainstream.

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Music For Your Peers

Music For Your Peers

Hosted by Matt Ragsdale   •  Listen live Every Friday at 3:30 am.

A learning exploration of new music, up and coming artists across a wide range of genres. Music For Your Peers is also about building community to showcase music and bring people together. Take these songs, playlists and artists and show them to your friends and family. 

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Radio Nicopisa

Hosted by Nicopisa   •  Listen live Every Wednesday at 12pm

Radio Nicopisa features an eclectic mix of music with a ’no genre’ format that showcases songs, musicians, singer-songwriters, Dj’s, producers and record labels that are on my favorite list; a hand-selected two-hour music odyssey.

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Seasoned Beats

Hosted by Radionic Powers   •  Listen live Every Friday at 11:00pm

“Seasoned Beats” is a taste-makers program and aural experience focused on vinyl records & original analog audio sources from antique & modern recordings. Unique blends of Funk, Northern Soul, Motown, R&B, Latin, Jazz, Ska, Disco, Boogaloo, and even Garage.

You’ll likely hear some tunes you know, and many selections you’ve never heard broadcasted. It’s an education surrounded by one of the largest-known record collections in the Midwest! Combining a wealth of knowledge with innovative musical ideas, each episode is a “Jukebox Jamboree” of vintage sounds.

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slAp trAcks

Hosted by Meighan X   •  Listen live Every Tuesday at 12:00am

A fresh new flow of Hip Hop and R & B music from all over the local streets and the world. Listen to live performances in studio and over the skies. New tracks as well as classic ones mixed to give you, the listener, a consistent beat to groove to as you move through the midnight hour. These tracks just slAp!!

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Soul Dancin’

Hosted by ‘Fessa John Hook   •  Listen live Every Tuesday at 2:00 am

Soul Dancin’ with Fessa’ John Hook

Although the primary focus of the show is Dance music, Soul Dancin’ presents dance music with particular qualities.

Freestyle dances (i.e. improvisational)
Couples touch-dances
At one time or another all these dances were Taboo! Disenfranchised!
Grounded in R&B, Jump Blues, Jazz (which began approximately 130 years ago), and Crossover music of any genre which matches the mood and rhythm of Soul Dancin’.
Among the Soul Dancin’ music featured are

Jump Blues old and new
West Coast Swing
The Push
East Coast Swing
Some Jitterbug
The Whip
The Shag
The Bop
Minnesott Beach Bop (Shag style)
Panama City Bop (PC Bop)
Steppin’ (Chicago, et al)
Kansas City 2 Step
Rat Racing
The Never Before revealed roots of Shag
Fun. Romance. And the deep listening of Ensemble Improvisation (you know, a couple pushin’ the envelope together on the dance floor).

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The Local Wave

Hosted by Dylan Peace   •  Listen live Every Friday at 12:00am

The Local Wave plays Kansas city artists first and foremost, tending towards artists not already on the radio other places/signed to any recording label. Host Dylan Peace and Dustin Ingersoll have very deep roots in the underground music community and we want to share these amazing local bands with you!!

We play local music, and do sporadic interviews with the artists as well as a calendar for upcoming local shows. At The Local Wave, we play talented, independent artists from the Kansas City area!! Listen in for local album updates, show calendars, and amazing local music!!

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The Midtown Lounge

Hosted by Frank Sereno   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 2:00 am

Welcome to "The Midtown Lounge," the ultimate radio show dedicated to the best blues, rock, funk, soul, and jazz while also paying tribute to the legends! This show takes you on a journey through the rich history of each genre, featuring deep album cuts and brand-new music that keeps your soul grooving.

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Thursday Overnight Show

Hosted by   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 2 am.
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To Be Announced

Hosted by   •  Listen live Every Monday at 2:00 am

To Be Announced.

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