Late Night

Cool Oldies

Hosted by Stan the Man   •  Listen live Every Monday at 2:00 am
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Creature Power Radio

Hosted by Ani Mal   •  Listen live Every Tuesday at 12:00am

A magical midnight adventure that takes the listener off the mainstream path of and into epochs of upbeat musical treasures rarely heard on the commercial radio. Join us in examining these precious relics that DO NOT belong in a museum, but throughout the free flowing airwaves of time and space, where they can be enjoyed by beings on every plane. Creature Power Radio: Keeping hearts beating into the night!

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Hosted by Emma Fotovich   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 2:00 am

"Eastify" is a East Asian show that focuses on bringing all genres of music right to your radio. This show is where you hear all the greatest hits and unknown bops from Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures. If you liked the Gangnam Style craze then you are sure to love this variety show!

This Korean Pop Music show introduces East Asian music to the KCMO area while also giving it a presence on local radio. I think learning about other cultures through music is the best way.

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Hosted by Justin Betterton   •  Listen live This show was on the air from 2012 to July 2020.

KCDIY Radio is Kansas City's last and only punk radio program. Each week is a themed selection of punk and hardcore from the past 30 years, including new music each week.

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Moonlight Mosaic

Hosted by Scott Bunte   •  Listen live Every Friday at 12:00 am
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Nocturnal Love

Hosted by KC   •  Listen live Every Tuesday at 2:00am

A wide variety of music hosted by KC.

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Our 6-String World

Hosted by Pilsbury   •  Listen live Every Thursday at 12:00am

Our 6-String World is mainly 21st Century Music that features the guitar with emphasis on Blues/Rock and Rock.

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Seasoned Beats

Hosted by Radionic Powers   •  Listen live Every Friday at 11:00pm

“Seasoned Beats” is a unique blend of Vintage Jazz, Funk, Soul, Fusion, and Progressive, along with innovative musical ideas.

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Something, Anything

Hosted by Dr Mike   •  Listen live Every Wednesday at 2:00 am
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The After Party

Hosted by Greg Conchola   •  Listen live Every Saturday at 2am
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The Stink

Hosted by Andrew Erdrich   •  Listen live Every Sunday at 1:00am
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