Current Volunteer Opportunities

These volunteer opportunities are currently available at KKFI. The experience listed for each role is preferred, but not required.

Please contact Darryl Oliver if you are interested.



ListenCommunity Listener

In an effort to ensure that our programming is constantly improving, KKFI has developed a Community Listener Program Evaluation process that will include gathering important feedback from our listener community. As a Community Listener, you will:

  • Attend an online training session
  • Listen carefully to an assigned show in its entirety
  • Complete an evaluation form and share your opinions with the Program Evaluation Committee
  • Expect an evaluation assignment about once every 2-3 months

Interested? Please register now or call 816-931-3122 and ask for the manager to become a key member of our programming team.


  • Download/upload audio files
  • Edit for time and content
  • Create web episodes

Social Media Manager

  • Monitor KKFI social media accounts
  • Schedule, compose and manage posts
  • Direct messages to appropriate person for response
  • Familiarity with social media platforms; including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Archive Monitor

  • Confirm that KKFI archive site is functioning properly
  • Compare current show on archive site to program schedule
  • Check three times daily

Podcast Web Content

  • Upload community podcasts
  • Twice a month

Graphic Designer

  • Brand identity, logo design
  • Illustration
  • Computer graphics

Electronics Facilities Technology (EFT)

  • IT/Computer expertise
  • WordPress experience
  • Salesforce experience
  • Web technology: Javascript, APIs, webhooks


  • Curriculum development
  • Technical writing
  • Engineering, production
  • Some training experience preferred

News & Public Affairs

  • Interest in public affairs programming

*Please note that all committee meetings are open to the public and are currently meeting via Zoom. The committees listed here currently have specific needs.


Co-Host: Local Showcase

  • Gain on-air and production experience
  • Register here


  • Keep overall station orderly and clean
  • Clean the bathroom weekly
  • Replenish paper towels and other supplies
  • Take out the trash and organize recycling
  • Clean conference tables and organize chairs
  • Vacuum on-air studio & green room
  • Make sure all common areas are presentable and clean

Interior Design Consultant

  • Physical layout design
  • Artwork, decorating ideas
  • Short-term

*Subject to Covid-19 guidelines currently recommended by federal, state and local public health agencies; as well as policy implemented by KKFI.