Board of Directors

Letter from Board President

2023: Our Board President extends a warm welcome to all of our new and returning members!


Greetings Members,

We are beginning another great year with the Midcoast Radio Project, better known as KKFI 90.1 FM.  We continue the journey we began 35 years ago to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a channel for individuals and groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media.


KKFI is very active with a wide range of programming, volunteers, and initiatives.  Among the many highlights of the past year were the following:

  • Our successful Amp Up Capital Campaign which allowed us to complete our Tower Easement Purchase;
  • Training and implementation of our PAL Automation Systems;  ;
  • Being awarded the CPB grant after applying for three consecutive years;
  • Hiring and onboarding our new Development & Communications Director;
  • Hosting five bright high school interns; and 
  • Planning and executing our amazing donor and volunteer appreciation events.

In addition to the aforementioned, the Programming Committee has continued to work on finding time in our broadcast schedule to launch new shows and evaluate our current programs to ensure we are meeting our mission.  


As we enter into a new board year, I would especially like to thank our outgoing board members, Active Member Chair, and programming reps for their significant contributions and tireless work on behalf of KKFI. I also want to thank our staff for their many contributions and achievements on behalf of the organization and the Kansas City Community.

We know we are not alone on this journey! We work in partnership with local businesses, nonprofits, consultants, and you, our members, listeners, and volunteers who share our mission and vision. We are profoundly grateful for your involvement in KKFI. We thank those who support, fund, and donate to aid in this work and all funding and donations are truly appreciated. I invite you to share your ideas, thoughts, and feedback with us.  I look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you at our upcoming events.


Catina K. Taylor, JD
KKFI Board President


The Board of Directors of Mid-Coast Radio Project, Inc. are elected by Active Members and Programmers at their annual meeting. There are fourteen members in total, consisting of thirteen directors and an ex-officio member.  Eleven of the directors are elected by the Active Members to serve staggered three-year terms, and they are limited to two consecutive terms. Of the other three members, there are two Programmer Representatives elected by Programmers to serve one-year terms as directors. The Active Member Chair, elected by the Active Members, is an ex-officio member.

Board meeting minutes and Community Advisory Council (CAC) minutes are available here.

The Board of Directors of Mid-Coast Radio Project, Inc. meets the first Wednesday of the month. These meetings are open to public. Details about Board and Committee meetings are available on our events calendar.

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