Active Member Application

THANK YOU! We need new active members and the emphasis is on the word ACTIVE. There are three basic requirements:

1. As an Active Member, you must agree to contribute regular and reliable work to the corporation, defined in the Bylaws as performing a minimum number of hours, as determined by a majority vote of the Active Members each year at their April annual meeting, of volunteer service to the corporation each month. The current standard (April 2018) is an average of at least 4 “non-show” hours per month over the consecutive six (6) month period prior to application.

Volunteer hours are submitted through the “TrackItForward” online application; the Volunteer Coordinator can set you up once you have submitted a Volunteer Application.

2. Two current active members in good standing must nominate you. Submit the completed Active Member application online form and we will certify hour requirement is met. The application will be voted on at the next Active Members Quarterly meeting (see Meetings).

3. You must have read and agree to support the Mid-Coast Radio Project, Inc. Mission Statement and Philosophy Statement (Article I of the Bylaws) and Affirmative Action Statement (Article III of the Bylaws) (see reverse of this form). The Bylaws can be found on the KKFI website at

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the Bylaws, and also with the Programmers Policy and Operations Manual, which can be found on the KKFI website at