Bill Clause

Bill Clause is a cultural worker volunteer who has been part of the Kansas City performing arts scene for decades. He is a playwright, whose works has been staged at the Unicorn Theater; Just Off Broadway Theater; Penn Valley Community College; the KC Fringe Festival; and The Foolkiller Theater. He has been a volunteer and former staff employee of KKFI 90.1FM since its conception in 1988.. He remains active as producer of RadioActive Magazine; Shots in the Night Comedy Radio Theatre; and helps produce River City Chautauqua.


River City Chautauqua

Patterned after the Chautauquas of the late 19th century, River City Chatauqua includes incisive and informative segments that might include science, philosophy, history, and music.

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Shots in the Night

KKFI's Audio Theatre Experience.

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Radio Active Magazine

A locally produced program where activist groups in the Kansas City area present interviews, commentary, editorials, and other thought provoking content on a weekly basis.

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Every Tuesday at 6:00pm

All Souls Forum

The All Souls Unitarian Universalist Forum, Kansas City; longest ongoing conversation, has offered a platform for the discussion of significant issues since 1943.

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Listen live each Thursday at 12:00pm