Diana Linn

I  began “guest DJ” spots on KKFI in 2002 and after nearly twenty of these spots, I was encouraged to begin training to be an engineer as well as submit ideas for my own program!

Listening to music, both via live performance and on multimedia platforms, I cannot imagine living without it. I cannot play an instrument or sing very well, but I am in awe of those who can. In order for the circle of human creativity to be complete, someone has to be the patron and advocate. I believe this is my role.

Volunteering  as a KKFI guest programmer fulfills both sides of the equation. I get to share the music I love while promoting those who do what I cannot do.

Diana Linn, a member of the Americana Music Association and Folk Alliance International, hopes to expand the listening base for KKFI by highlighting this treasure trove of music that she feels is severely under-represented by corporate radio.


The Tasty Brew

“The Tasty Brew” is an eclectic mix of roots music formed by the shared and varied traditions that make up the American musical melting pot.

Listen live on KKFI
Every Tuesday at 6:00am