Marisa Butler

I worked at my college radio station for 5 years, KTRM, (Kirksville’s TRU Alternative).  I ran my own weekly specialty show for 4 years, doing production, promotion, and planning.  I was station manager for a year, coming up with the schedule, hiring all the talent.  I also ran a weekly interview program where professors would come on and play their favorite music.  I was music director for a year and a half, putting together the music for the daily format shifts. 

I’ve also been a guest DJ on KKFI several times.  I’ve sat in on the Real Deal a few times in the last couple of years, and my first guest spot was around 2002, my senior year of high school when the radio bug bit me.  I still have a cassette copy of that tape somewhere. 

My biggest influences is probably college radio and indie music from the late nineties and early aughts, but I also enjoy classic country, rockabilly, old rock and roll, prog, techno, doowop, soul, reggae, and hip hop.  I remember my mentor and college radio professor told us the best shows weave songs together triggering a positive response in the body’s natural rhythms, or at the very least not disrupting those rhythms. It is always my goal to just play just good and unique music that blends one song to the next.


The Mixtape with Marisa

The Mixtape with Marisa is a blended variety of music tailored to be the soundtrack of your day.  You may hear something you've loved that you haven't heard in years, or something brand new that you never thought you'd like.  Marisa is constantly in search of good music, whether it be finding b-sides or rare cuts, trolling in the dollar bin at the local record store, finding the best local and regional music, or dusting off that record she found in her mom's basement, her goal is to make a musical tapestry that will help move your day along and keep you engaged.

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