Radionic Powers

Now in his 26th year at KKFI “Radionic Powers” ™ © continues to revive the radio airwaves as they were intended to be heard. A vivid collector of 45rpm singles since childhood, in the 1970’s starting out on a lifetime career using records to create moods for the party, friends and club events. For several decades recognized globally for programming & hosting one of the longest running radio programs to exclusively utilize vinyl records. Always digging for elusive lost gems and retroactively promoting the past for all listeners to enjoy. His 1st program “Active ingredients” ™ © back in 1998 at KKFI was a unique mixed show using 12″ vinyl records (new and vintage) focusing on a Disco/Club music format. From 1998-2008 he was in the “Top 10” charting new material for Billboard, VYBE & DMC magazines.  During that era, he got alot of international recognition & attention and was the winner of several “WMC” Winter Music Conference awards for “Precise Mixing” and skilled blending.

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Seasoned Beats

“Seasoned Beats” ™ © is a taste-makers program and aural experience focused on vinyl records & original analog audio sources from antique & modern recordings. Unique blends of Funk, Northern Soul, Motown, R&B, Latin, Jazz, Ska, Disco, Boogaloo, and even Garage.

You’ll likely hear some tunes you know, and many selections you’ve never heard broadcasted. It’s an education surrounded by one of the largest-known record collections in the Midwest! Combining a wealth of knowledge with innovative musical ideas, each episode is a “Jukebox Jamboree” of vintage sounds.

Listen live on KKFI
Every Friday at 11:00pm - 2:00am