Rainbow Mooon, host of Psychic Talk, 3rd Sundays

Rainbow Mooon holds a graduate degree in Cultural Anthropology and is completing her doctorate degree in Philosophy and Religion, specializing in Asian and Comparative Studies. From an early age she utilized her empathic and intuitive abilities to aid individuals in stressful personal processes of transformation and personal growth. With more than three decades of experience as an Urban Neo-Shaman, Intuitive Therapist, and Certified Hypnotherapist her specific services are exceptionally extensive.

Rev. Mooon began her on-the-air Readings as a regular guest of Saphira’s in the early 1990’s during which time she grew to appreciate the importance of Community Radio. When asked to become a monthly Host on Psychic Talk in August 2010, she eagerly accepted the challenge because she recognized two significant factors: for some people this was the only way they could afford a professional Reading, and Community Radio affords a powerful venue to educate and upgrade the awareness of the KC community in metaphysical matters.

Her goal as a monthly Host has been to introduce various skilled and multi-dimensional Readers to offer listeners a broad range of metaphysical experiencing. She is profoundly grateful for her role in service to the Kansas City community through KKFI-FM Radio.


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