Rhonda LeValdo

Rhonda LeValdo is a faculty member at Haskell Indian Nations University in Media Communications in Lawrence, Kansas.  She sits on the board of directors for the Native American Journalists Association and is the current President of that organization. Rhonda writes for the newspaper “News from Indian Country” and the website: lastrealindians.com

She enjoys bringing a diverse news background to Kansas City with the inclusion of weekly program segment called “Native News.”

Rhonda said she has “had many Native American guests on the show, Vine Deloria Jr. (noted Native Author), Suzanne Harjo (plaintiff in Lawsuit against the NFL team Washington), Mark Trahant (Native American Journalist, author, documentarian), E. Valandra (Native Author), Arigan Starr (Native Singer), Savage Family (Native rap group), and many more too numerous to mention.


Native Spirit Radio

Native Spirit provides Native American music from across the country. From Powwow music to Native American Church, traditional songs from different tribes, to contemporary style like Rock, Country, Blues, and Country. Native people are producing a lot of music and this show is one of the few they can get showcased on.

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