“A Prayer for Salmon” continues, and “‘Scared to Life” in Tennessee

This week we listen to the fourth episode of A Prayer for Salmon, and talk with a religion reporter for The Tennessean about the shifting faith and political alliances in the aftermath of the Covenant School shooting.

A Prayer for Salmon – “It’s Legal”
We continue The Spiritual Edge’s series. In episode four, an elder remembers indigenous life back before Shasta Dam was built. The legality of the proposal to raise Shasta Dam is considered. Meanwhile, Chief Caleen Sisk considers a new strategy to fight back: turning an adversary — the Westlands Water District — into an ally.

A Prayer for Salmon – “It’s Legal” (continued)

“Scared to Life:” Faith and Gun Reform in Tennessee
Liam Adams, the religion reporter for The Tennessean in Nashville, introduces us to the complex religious landscape of the city, and talks about the response of the faith community to the Covenant School shooting. Many faith leaders are calling for gun reform – including leaders within conservative Christian faith traditions, and Governor Lee is listening.

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