Adenike Amenra of East Meets West of Troost (EMWOT KC) on Black People Being the Gentry of Our Own Communities

Adenike Amenra, one of the founding members of East Meets West of Troost (EMWOT) Kansas City, discusses Black people re-establishing our own communities, including Black policing of our communities.

EMWOT is a not for profit cultural, social-based, economic development corporation that is dedicated to markedly improving the commerce and economic exchange between the Eastside and Westside of Troost Ave. in Kansas City, Missouri, as well as providing services and support to the economically and educationally disadvantaged youth and neighborhoods at large.

The Mission of EMWOT (East Meets West of Troost)

  • To re-build a sovereign, self-sustainable community of Nomes*
  • To advance the economic conditions of people adversely impacted by arrested development, re-gentrification, and redlining, as a backlash of the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th Amendment, the civil rights movement, and subsequent integration.
  • To provide Green Sustainable solutions. business education and service excellence.
  • To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person at a time.
  • To promote and foster the highest ethical relationships between businesses and the public consumer.

East Meets West of Troost is a Micro-Economic Social development corporation dedicated to markedly improving economic commerce exchange on both the East and West sides of Troost Ave. Bridging the gap between neighborhoods in Kansas City, Missouri, and the Greater Kansas City Missouri Area.

EMWOT’s micro-economics program will develop opportunities for small urban businesses, cultural groups, vendors, and artists, who would otherwise lack economic development assistance. Some main projects are Green Careers, Urban Farming, and Recycling efforts to raise funds for At-Risk Youth programs.

Host/producer:  Donna Morrow Wolfe

Co-host: Karen E. Griffin

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