Afghan Media and Women (Part 2 of 2)

Today’s program provides a history of Afghan media freedom and its setbacks and hearkens the world media to pressure the Taliban for change. Our presenter, Ms. Najiba Ayubi, describes a history of media rights in Afghanistan, discusses the problem of losing reporters, details her discussion with Taliban negotiators and provides a plea to world media and civil society to help convince the Taliban to let up their oppression of women.

Ms. Najiba Ayubi is an executive of a major nonprofit media organization in Afghanistan and a longtime activist for peace and women’s rights. She is also President of the Afghanistan chapter of International Association of Women in Radio and TV. Ms. Ayubi was interviewed by Violet Gonda, President of the International Association of Women in Radio and TV, on Gonda’s video series Hot Seat, available at:

Editing for the radio was done by Frieda Werden.

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