Afghani Refugee’s Escape (why and how a prominent journalist fled the Taliban)

Najiba Ayubi describes the ordeal of her fortuitous escape from Afghanistan during the last of the Americans’ evacuations, including her experience in 3 refugee camps, her attempts to get others out, and the flaws in the hurried process that took place. Part 2 next week will tell the history of media in Afghanistan, her discussion with Taliban negotiators, and a plea to help convince Taliban to let up on oppressing women.

Najiba Ayubi is an executive of a major nonprofit media organization in Afghanistan and a longtime activist for peace and women’s rights. She is also President of the Afghanistan chapter of International Association of Women in Radio and TV.

Ayubi was interviewed by Violet Gonda, President of the International Association of Women in Radio and TV, on Gonda’s video series Hot Seat, available here: The editing for radio was done by Frieda Werden.

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