America Discovers Columbus, Oh.

In this lively episode of Sprouts, Mark Emanuel (KZGM-FM, Cabool MO, [email protected]) takes a tour of 3 of the most fascinating destinations in the capitol city of Columbus, Ohio. Everything you ever wanted to know about classic television sets, 70 flavors of popcorn, and recycling just about anything brings Columbus alive in this week’s show.

In the first segment, we tour the nation’s only museum dedicated to the history of early television sets. A collection of well over 100 TVs dating back to the 1920s, along with development of broadcasting technology, is discussed with museum curator Steve McVoy.

The museum is non-profit and has information at their website:

The second segment is one that’ll pop out of your radio speakers. Make no corny jokes: we interview the owner of Al’s Delicious Popcorn, Sharon Schrock, who discusses the 70 different flavors her store sells of popcorn. It was a tasty interview, and details about how they flavor their varieties are contained in the segment.

They vend product at their store and online at

The final segment focuses on an entrepreneur and his desire to save the planet, one bottlecap at a time. Dan Weisenbach owns a recycling company that bears his name, and through a great story, talks about how he came up with ideas to turn bottles into plaques, circuit boards into picture frames, and US currency into pencils.

More information about his business is online at


Steve McVoy, The Early Television Museum, Sharon Shrock, Al’s Delicious Popcorn, and Dan Weisenbach, Weisenbach Recycled Products


The Columbus Chamber of Commerce, WCRS-FM, Columbus, and KZGM-FM, Cabool

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