American Crusade: How the Supreme Court is Weaponizing Religious Freedom and John Pilger: The Coming War With China

American Crusade: How the Supreme Court is Weaponizing Religious Freedom

America was not founded as a Christian nation. Church and state were separated. The founding fathers were mostly deists, not Christians. They did not believe in a personal all powerful God that knew everything and intervened in human affairs

They separated church and state because they understood from European history that bad and bloody results resulted when the government acted in the name of God.

All this is changing in America now under the thumb of a right wing activist politicized majority on our Supreme Court. They were put there by an extremely well funded well organized conglomeration of ultra right wing figures and organizations. They have an agenda and they are carrying it out.

The newest Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett had a message for new lawyers. She said being a lawyer is but it means to an end. and the end is building the kingdom of God. This ascendant ultra-right wing can best be described as white Christian nationalists. These white Christian nationalists have won significant victories and are on roll. Taking away a womans right to control their own bodies in the recent overturn of Roe versus Wade is just the latest example. They have stacked the federal courts and particularly the Supreme Court where they have a 6 to 3 majority.

Guest – Andrew Seidel, author of American Crusade: How the Supreme Court is Weaponizing Religious Freedom. He is a constitutional attorney with more than a decade of experience arguing about religion and law as a vice president at Americans United for Separation of Church and State and a director at the Freedom From Religion Foundation He is the author of The Founding Myth the definitive book which demonstrates that Americas not founded by Christians as a Christian country.


John Pilger: The Coming War With China

Is China a threat to (the United States)? Is the fear being stirred up about China legitimate? We speak with 83-year-old renowned journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker John Pilger from his home in Australia about his most recent article The Coming War With China.

China has the second largest economy in the world. It will soon be the first. In response to Chinas commercial threat the United States of America has responded militarily by surrounding the Chinese industrial heartland with 400 bases in what has been called a noose. The USA has some 1100 bases around the world, China has six.

President Obama initiated a multi trillion dollar vast nuclear buildup. This was coordinated with what he termed a pivot towards Asia. Most of the U.S. Navy now patrols the waters off of China. Tensions have been exacerbated with respect to who governs Taiwan.

The US Government has shored up its military alliances with the surrounding countries around China of South Korea, Japan the Philippines, and Australia, The USA is selling billions of dollars worth of nuclear submarines to Australia.

We live in a country whose government has been in a perpetual war the last 3/4 of a century, except with a brief interlude after its 20 year old war Vietnam ended in defeat. 3 million Vietnamese died in the American war.

Guest – John Pilger covered that war as a young reporter and understood that it was based on the lie that Lyndon Johnson told falsely stating that the North Vietnamese had attacked an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin. Another 1 million people died in the Iraq war That war was based on the now well known lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that he was going to use against us and that he was responsible for 911. A similar campaign of fear mongering is going on now about China. The major news media parrot the governments fact free line that China is our enemy. In his article The Coming War With China John Pilger wrote a US war against China beckons and we have a responsibility to speak out. We know what is coming. Silence must be broken.”

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