Anthony and Staroyce Nealy, founders of Global One Urban Farming, continue producing, sharing and educating about food in KC communities



Global One Urban Farming

Global One Urban Farming is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization, founded by Anthony and Staroyce Nealy. It produces and distributes free organic vegetables at their a two acre garden site to seniors, veterans, youth and low-income families with the goal of raising health levels throughout Kansas City USDA defined food insecurity communities. The Global One Urban Farming team converts unused land into sustainable organic community vegetable gardens. They have partnered with the Kansas City School District where they teach Urban Farming Clubs at schools in Kansas City, Missouri. Global One Urban Farming provides access to healthy organic vegetables made available in the food desert areas in communities and neighborhoods.

The Nealys desire to change the way our city looks at food. They provide healthy food in our neighborhoods to achieve better overall health in our communities. The Nealys and Global One Urban Farming work in the community so that the community can eat fresh, healthy, affordable, and easy to access vegetables. ​

The Nealys have come to know their neighbors and their neighborhoods, which has helped them identify those who need fresh food. They reach out to church groups and neighborhood organizations. They supply bags of fresh organic vegetables to elderly citizens’ homes free of charge. They started with tomato plants in their own backyard, and now are, tilling, planting and harvesting 66,000 square feet (1.5 acres) of inner-city reclaimed and repurposed land. They distribute over 30,000 pounds of produce each year.

Global One Farming’s Pro-X Interns begin June 3, 2024-July 11, 2024,Tues-Thursdays, with interns committing  20 hours per week. Global One Urban Farming will provide the interns with professional mentorship in Business, Agricultural & Entrepreneurship, and will give them opportunities to acquire real time problem solving skills.

Host/producer/engineer:  Donna Morrow Wolfe


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