Back to the Garden: Cacao’s Role in Reviving Biodiversity

Species of both plants and animals are dying out at unprecedented rates. Overpopulation, industrialization, and mono-cropping are stressing the world’s food supply.  Now radical shifts in climate change could conceivably trigger ecological and economic collapse.  Today we’ll hear from specialists worldwide in the new science of agro-biodiversity who are combining the best of both ancient and organic agriculture and using cacao’s charismatic attraction to inspire the replanting of tropical rainforests, stabilize the climate, raise incomes for farmers, and improve human health.


Miguel Altieri, Director, Altieri Lab, College of Natural Resources, University of California Berkeley

Pablo Eyzaguirre, Senior Scientist, Biodiversity International 



Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez, School of International and Public Affairs Faculty, Columbia University



Sarah Laird, Co-Director, People and Plants International



Dennis Garrity, Director-General, World Agroforestry Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

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